Wesleyan StartUp Demo Day

May 3, 2022  6:00 p.m.


Support the Student Ventures In Person or Virtually

Students from the Spring 2022 Wesleyan Startup Incubator: The Art and Science of Launching Your Idea – a one-semester, experiential learning program designed to teach and enable student entrepreneurs to develop sustainable business models from their ideas – will be pitching May 3rd. 

Join us in person or virtually – and support the student ventures as they pitch their social benefit business ideas.

This course is made possible by the Robert and Margaret Patricelli Family Foundation.


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Wesleyan University
Room 107
Shanklin Hall
237 Church Street
Middletown, CT, 06459


This is a free event, advance registration required.

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Pitcher Lineup

Burdick Genetics & Fertility

Tyler Burdick, ’22

At Burdick Genetics & Fertility, our goal is to improve the baseline health of humanity through curing monoallelic genetic diseases prior to conception.

We plan to create multiple gene therapy treatments that are administered into embryos in vitro, to then be implanted into the mother using standard IVF techniques.

Zen Strong Stays LLC

Geoffrey Byrne, ’23

Zen Strong Stays is a short-term rental company that provides a self-guided spa, health, and fitness experience all from the privacy of your Airbnb.


Isabella Durcan, ’22

Flowspace is a flexible, coworking space that integrates exercise and meditation into the workday with its centrally located flow-space. When you hit a work rut, you can flow from your desk to the exercise floor and re-energize with push-ups or a short meditation. A great option for the remote worker who can’t be productive at home!

Follow 4 Less

Sophie Eng, ’25

Follow 4 Less is a platform that live streams interviews with streamers and content creators. It is a neutral place to encourage positive relationships and interactions between gaming community fanbases, because these online fanbases can be very toxic. Viewers can engage with their favorite streamers through asking questions and playing a game. In addition, streamers can talk more personally without the pressure of performing to meet the ideal numbers.

Apple Walrus

Apple Farrelly, ’23

A clothing brand that uses sustainably sourced and recycled materials to make unique and handmade products. Part of proceeds will go towards women’s chronic illness research, and this will be something the brand discusses too. There will be a community element in which other artists (mainly young women who also struggle with chronic illness) can sell their stuff through my website.


Justin Hazard, ’24

OWNPACE, strives to create an improved way of education by allowing our members to find what they are truly passionate about through experience in the field. Currently, the return on investment in college is extremely low and the theoretical teachings in school fail in comparison to hands-on experience. Therefore, by breaking the social norms, OWNPACE will reinvent how our youth transition into the workforce.

BB Beauty

Bergeline Hilaire, ’24

The vending machine would provide easily accessible and affordable hair care products to students at an institution. The vending machine would provide hair products such as hair serums, rubber bands, durags, and cosmetic products. The machine would also provide entrepreneurial services to future students interested in selling beauty-related products.

Emergent Bars

Jon Hollister

Emergent Bars offer a pre & probiotic, amino acid & vitamin-rich energy bar that can be enjoyed as a meal replacement or simple snack. Designed and catered to people in the healthcare field, specifically emergency health – these bars are the quality food so hard to come by given the fast-paced nature of the job. The few bites taken pack the health benefits of a full wholistic meal – to power the people we rely on to be at their peak – for cheaper than a fast food combo.

La Palma Volcano Tours

Marcos Labella & Marta Rios

La Palma Volcano Tours is a touristic agency whose main purpose is to support the academic learning and scientific research while driving the economic growth of La Palma. How do we do that? By offering a wide variety of tours and activities, not only through “traditional tours”, but also through what we have called the “educational tours” to promote the academic knowledge and learning of the college and high school students.

Holiday on Campus

Leo Rose

Holiday on Campus is a venture that records and produces holiday albums of student bands at different colleges to be sold to alumni and parents. Holiday on Campus takes a percentage cut of the album sales, whether that be Vinyl, CD’s, or digital downloads, with the rest of the money going to the school’s financial aid program.


Quin Steinmetz, ’24

Our environmentally conscious pool toys help people who want sustainable products that are still cute and summery by reducing the amount of waste that traditional pool toys make and increasing the usage of recycled plastic and eco-friendly materials that goes into making water toys. This is unlike how pool toys are made now with cheap, non-biodegradable plastic, and typically can only be used for one season since they pop or break easily. Not only will our product reduce its use of new plastic, but it will also be better quality, guaranteeing less waste thrown away every year.

Dachelle Music

Dachelle Washington, ’22

I am an independent musician who is creating an internet-based following in order to develop a musical enterprise where I can lead my following to be their best creative and free selves through my music and, through my success, I can generate a strong network of queer POC creatives to build with along the way.

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