Wesleyan StartUp Demo Day

December 6, 2022  6:00 p.m.

Support the Student Ventures!

Students from the Fall 2022 Wesleyan Startup Incubator: The Art and Science of Launching Your Idea – a one-semester, experiential learning program designed to teach and enable student entrepreneurs to develop sustainable business models from their ideas – will be pitching December 6th. 

Join us in person – or via Zoom – and support the student ventures as they pitch their social benefit business ideas.

This course is made possible by the Robert and Margaret Patricelli Family Foundation.


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Wesleyan University
Woodlead Lounge
Exley Science Center
265 Church Street
Middletown, CT, 06459

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Pitcher Lineup

Coach 603

Matt Simco ’23

Coach 603 is a training/advisory service for student athletes located in New Hampshire who want to make the jump to college athletics. Coach 603 has a training program for youth athletes looking to develop their skills while also acting as a recruitment advisory service for contacting college coaches.

Constant Care

Grace Devanny ’23

At Constant Care, I provide a platform for detailed information to be given to patients by their respective physicians throughout the pre and post-procedural process, helping both sides of the patient care world. The app gives physicians a more efficient way to answer questions, provide feedback and make sure their patients are following the correct procedures and information throughout their injury process. On the patient side of the app, they will be able to navigate through their hospital visits and procedures with convenience due to the increased written and visual information provided to them.


Daëlle Coriolan ’24

“DearCurlz” is an online subscription service that delivers curly/natural hair products and styling tools monthly to empower customers with curly/natural hair. This will be done by providing detailed video instructions and designing a successful hair routine catered to specific needs. To address sustainability issues, DearCurlz will partner with local shelters to donate products that customers return.


Chris Pyo ’23

Esquisse is a middle market platform that links students in need of financial support for their undergraduate work and investors/donors who are interested in buying/helping these students. The platform is currently targeting studio art major seniors, with offering a platform to sell their works and also showcase their portfolio and works. This will be a new opportunity for the alumni to directly help and reach out to current students, while also opening up a new market for people looking for a meaningful way of buying art products. The business is targeting to expand into other art-related fields such as fashion, sculpture, visual arts and partnering with educational fundraising/crowdfunding B2B platforms.


Preston Maccoux ’23 & Gabe Millstein ’23

This venture is a service that provides college students with discounts to restaurants in surrounding college areas. This will be a text service that provides all necessary information for these discounts: the validated promo code that can be used to dine in, take out, or be used on delivery apps, the time period of this discount, the restaurant, etc.


Miranda Derossi ’23

MirandaMaker is a social media brand centered around affordable and beginner-friendly cosplay and costume creation. Through short-form video tutorials and information, I aim to make cosplay more accessible and inclusive to all.


Bella Arrese ’23

I want to create an app where people can treat a mental or physical condition naturally through meeting with doctors (video chat and messaging) who approach healing from the inside out (i.e., through nutrition, physical movement, supplements, etc). In addition to this, I want to provide suffering individuals with an outlet to feel heard, accompanied, and empathized with through self-help groups consisting of individuals with the same condition. The conditions I’d like to hone in on are: migraines anxiety, depression, acne, digestive issues, insomnia, and hormone imbalance. My personal experience in finding natural solutions to vestibular migraines sparked this idea.


Justin Hitt ’23 & Zachary Mouzakes ’23

Scope is a restaurant and bar review platform that allows users to “scope out the scene” before they dine out. Unlike any other service, Scope provides real-time data to users so that they know up to the minute what is happening at their favorite restaurant and bars. With Scope, users will know what the ambience is, including how loud it is, the wait times, and special promotions (live music, happy hours, etc.), at different venues in the user’s geographic area. 

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