Wesleyan StartUp Incubator

May 11, 2021  6:00 to 7:30 p.m.


On Tuesday, May 11, 2021, the students from the Wesleyan’s Startup Incubator Program pitched their social benefit business ideas on a virtual pitch event, held in partnership with CTNext and The MEWS+.

Following the pitches, the audience members voted for their favorite venture. 


Congratulations to Kids with Kindness, MediTracker, and Wondri on being voted audience favorites!

Pitch Replay

Pitcher Lineup

Brian Carmichael Media

Brian Carmichael

I run a videography business. I have made videos for companies like CrossFit inc. and Bose. I make all sorts of videos: weddings, real estate, sports, and corporate.


Stephanie Aka

As the founder of CoilyCurlsOrganics, I plan to market an exclusive line of organic natural hair products. The current problem is that affordable high-quality products that are safe for wavy to kinky hair have yet to be created, so through CCO, I am committing to encouraging people, especially black women, all over the world to accept their natural selves with healthier methods for styling hair.

Done Right Barbering

Dewellyn Howard Jr.

I have been obsessed with barbering since I was a kid, watching my dad as a barber. My goal is to eventually own a barbershop franchise with multiple locations across the country, servicing clients and managing shops with my dad.

Freedom Bar

Sydney Prokupek, Jordan Ansell, and Emily Sheppard

Freedom Bar is an allergen-free, high-quality vegan protein bar made for any type of superwoman. Each bar is supplemented with a daily multivitamin along with a specific vitamin or mineral that supplements women’s health needs in some way, whether that’s iron due to low iron levels, Collagen for hair and skin health, or melatonin to have a better night sleep.

Hands on Deck

James Schubauer

Hands On Deck is a platform to connect boat owners to service providers in the marine industry. The goal is to provide a simple, one-stop shopping spot for all peoples’ boating needs; whether it is captaining, hull cleaning, or mechanical work, Hands On Deck is the place to find it.

JC Physical Therapy+

Jay Carter, Jr.

JCPT+ is a physical therapy practice dedicated to restoring, improving, and decreasing pain for each and every individual that we provide care for. We also offer support addressing mental health as the mental journey is just as, if not more important, than the physical one.

Kids with Kindness

Madison Szabo

Kids With Kindness is a youth-led nonprofit organization that offers a hands-on approach to prevent bullying and promote bystander intervention. Interactive workshops developed in the organization’s two sectors—the arts and athletics—will uniquely emphasize inclusivity, civility, and friendship.


Alissa Dobrinsky

LOL is the first dating site to use science to match people based on a sense of humor compatibility. It will lead to more meaningful relationships than other dating sites that focus exclusively on superficial qualities, like physical attractiveness. LOL is the dating site that brings you Lots Of Love while you Laugh Out Loud.


Nabeel Kemal

The MediTracker is a wearable tech device with a QR code attached to it that, when scanned by an EMT or Paramedic, brings up the holder’s important Medical Information. That way, if the holder is ever incapacitated or unable to give medical professionals their relevant Medical info, such as allergies, diabetes, or other medical conditions, the doctors can be well-informed on the patient they are treating in an emergency situation.

Quiver Keeper

Dominik Sobieszek

It’s a product that tracks cycling component wear and tear by using a rider’s GPS data. Riders will be notified that they should service a component once it’s due for maintenance based on how many hours/miles they’ve ridden. This keeps riders getting the most out of their bikes in terms of up-time, money spent, and minimizing waste from improper maintenance. 

Rebeca Velie Photography

Becky Velie

My venture is an engagement and wedding photography service based out of New Hampshire but serving the Northeast and beyond. My photography style is airy and bright and I focus primarily on capturing candid moments for my couples without being too overly imposing or distracting from the moment. My main focus is making the process up to the event as easy and straightforward as possible.

Reindeer Transport

Shanay Sanghavi

My company provides services that ensure the efficient transportation of goods from warehouses to retailers. . A majority of times the trucks are almost empty and by maximizing this space we will be able to improve delivery time. Our app will help connect retailers and drivers and allow them to complete multiple deliveries at once while providing the drivers with the fastest and route.

Stella by Allegra

Allegra Dominguez

I am starting a sustainable pants line specifically for short people, with an emphasis on size inclusivity, good quality, and being environmentally conscious.


Lucas White

Right now, there’s no good place to talk about books online. Wondri’s striving to change that by offering an online space where readers, thinkers, and thought leaders can connect with one another by exploring your favorite books, authors, and other related topics. Come join the conversation at wondri.com!

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