Space to Work, Think, and Grow

Working from home is great – until it’s not.  When you need a space to work, or meet, or collaborate, reach out. 

With meeting space in downtown Middletown, that’s close to the action, and coworking, office, and event space in Chester, The MEWS+ and The Hive have your needs covered. 

The MEWS+ Space

Located on the second floor of the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce offices, The MEWS+ is a great space to have day or week-long company meetings – the large open Zoom-room has a layout easily adjusted to accommodate up to 12 people, and the conference room with the smart TV can seat six to eight. Wireless printer/copier, coffee maker, refrigerator, and the location all make meeting at The MEWS+ a great spot for collaboration. 

The Hive Chester

The Hive Chester is the only coworking and community space of its kind in Middlesex County where you can find your focus, work productively, and stay connected.

Located at the corner of Maple and Main, the building hosts coworking space, private offices, and event and meeting space. Entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers, and creatives will all thrive at The Hive.

A Place to Grow

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The MEWS+ Hive Community

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