Wesleyan StartUp Incubator

December 7, 2021  6:00 to 7:30 p.m.


On Tuesday, December 7th, the students from the Wesleyan’s Startup Incubator Program pitched their social benefit business ideas on a virtual pitch event, held in partnership with CTNext and The MEWS+.

Following the pitches, the audience members voted for their favorite venture. 


Congratulations to Sol Blossom Crochet on being voted audience favorite!

Sol Blossom Crochet
Ivanie Lucía Cedeño

My crochet business helps other fiber artists, crocheters and hobbyists learn how to crochet apparel by creating easy-to-follow and modifiable patterns through an environmentally sustainable and slow fashion lens. I also sell non-plastic-based, plant-based and/or wool-based crochet apparel.

Pitch Replay

Pitcher Lineup


Sydney Perry

122 is an upcoming streetwear and fashion company designed to not only make you look good but feel good about what you are wearing.  122 is a symbol of luck and love within my life. I see this number in all different forms and places right when I need a reminder that everything is going to be okay. We want to provide streetwear with a fit that is flattering yet comfortable, but also sustainable.  Maintaining an eco-friendly production and product is very important in this process.  Currently,  I am testing different hoodies and experimenting with the fit and design patterns.  Additionally, I am working on creating a sweatpant design and hope to expand the array of options to hoodies, sweatpants, and hats by the end of this year.


Kara Hodge

B4 is an online marketplace that serves as a collective for all types of artists, where each artist gives a chosen percentage of their profits to a charity of their choice. B4 stands for “Bold, Brave, Beautiful, Bald,” and highlights our creators’ personal connections with lymphoma and breast cancer. We are making an impact through our artists’ charity donations and by supporting small businesses. 


Malcolm Davol

DORM provides affordable, quality wooden dorm furniture to Wesleyan students. Whether in a single room or a wood frame house, DORM will provide shoe racks, shelving, stools, and tables to the Wesleyan student body. In doing so, fewer students will purchase cheap plastic furniture that gets thrown away at the end of the year.


Kekeli Logoh

An eco-friendly e-commerce online platform, Every Little Thing Co.(ELT Co.). ELT Co. was created as a way to help establish a more sustainable and healthier planet by curating Earth-Friendly alternatives for daily essentials.

Fashion’s Future by Fray Magazine

Zoe Zelken

Fashion’s Future by Fray Magazine is an immersive pop-up shopping experience highlighting the work of student creators. We aim to promote a new understanding of fashion, one where independent designers are supported and one that is financially accessible.


Lars Delin

Givables is a decentralized community of artists and creators aiming to re-write the narrative of web3.0 in the art world.


Kiona McCormick

Moments is a mobile app that provides guided movement exercises to support mental and physical well-being. Pairing music with functional and creative movement techniques, our audio recordings engage mind and body to relieve tension, improve mood, and promote resilience in the face of life’s daily stressors.

Self Hate

Hasanti Kelly

Self Hate is a clothing brand started in 2016 to start conversations on mental health and the human condition. Self Hate gives a voice to those who do not have one to say what they hate about themselves or the world around them. At Self Hate we say, “It’s a feeling we all know” and we understand that to be true.

Wait Up!

Noah Cate & Jack Scher

We are looking to reinvent how people eat on campus by creating a one-of-a-kind app that tracks the line at on-campus venues. We will be installing cameras on campus, and they will be connected to a live stream where students will be able to scan a QR code and get immediate access to see the line at every on-campus food venue, as well as laundry sites on campus.

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