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As a young startup, Middlesex StartUp Nights can help you further validate your idea, refine your markets and your products or services, improve presentation skills, and become part of the Middlesex entrepreneurial ecosystem.

StartUp Nights are perfect for vetting your ideas, and for gaining traction and attention.


Submit an application for an opportunity to pitch at an upcoming StartUp Night.


Create that pitch deck, practice your presentation, and refine your ask - and prepare for challenging questions from the community.


During the StartUp Night, you'll have the opportunity to pitch and then meet with a small group of local entrepreneurs, business mentors, and community members for feedback and resources to support your venture as you grow.

Before you apply:

Middlesex StartUp Nights are for early-stage ventures – from idea stage to less than two years in business.

When completing the application, we encourage you to clearly articulate the problem that your idea/business is addressing, define the audience served by your solution, and provide a narrative on how your idea provides a solution. Pitchers are evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Originality: How unique is the idea/businesses

  • Potential: How viable is the idea/business longterm?

  • Usefulness: What problem does it solve

  • Social impact: How does it address a pressing social issue?

Application Form

Once we receive your application, we will be in touch with you to review the information submitted and schedule you for an upcoming Middlesex StartUp Night. 

Are you a current college student?
To pitch at a Middlesex StartUp Night, you must be a resident of Middlesex County Connecticut or a student in a Middesex County college or university.
e.g. DBA, LLC, S-Corp
For profit or not for profit?
What is your approximate lifetime revenue?(Required)
How did you hear about the Middlesex StartUp Nights?(Required)
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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